Laptop Repairs Norwich

139 Beloe Avenue, Clover Hill, Norwich, NR5 9AQ

01603 748 531

How to find me

/// sport.desks.shades

Opening Hours
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Fed up with your Computer or Laptop being slow?
(Clear out all the rubbish & make it better than it was when new)
We will Backup your data, check the hard drive integrity then
Re-format & Reinstall Windows with all latest updates & drivers £35.00

Prices for Computer, PC, Laptop & Tablet Repairs

Remote Support can be used for some repairs to PCs, laptops & Desktop Computers £20 per Hour

Refurbished Laptops & Desktop Computers For Sale (when available)

Windows 10 Laptops from £85

Windows 10 Desktops from £75

Donate your old laptop, desktop Computers & help make technology affordable for others

Disposing of PCs, laptops & Desktop Computers through Laptop Repairs Norwich helps to protect your valuable data. Because we are required to meet government standards for data removal you can feel safer knowing that your data has been removed. Then we will refurbish the Laptops & Desktop Computers so instead of ending up in landfill, these viable Laptops & Desktop Computers can be supplied to education, non-profits, government programs, and other eligible customers that need access to the benefits of technology that they cannot currently afford.